Eye Problems

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Double vision and other fun things

So, I went to an ophthalmologist around the middle of last week. They ran many tests, had me follow a pen or a finger with my eyes, and put some drops in. Then came the bad news, I had nerve damage controlling my eyes, and it was because I had a few mini-strokes. Again, they told me to go to the ER, which I had done the last week of December.

Yes, I had to go to the ER in December.

Here is the problem, at the ER, they asked my date of birth every two hours, checked my blood pressure, and put me through 3 imaging devices. They were so overloaded with patients, it took 10 hours even to get a room and talk to a doctor, 12 hours to get to the CT scan, and another 12 hours to get the MRI scan. I was there for three days. The most I ever got to mediate any problems was a baby aspirin. They sent me home with a folder of paper partially filled out, which didn’t have my scan data on a disk. On top of that, they wouldn’t let me take my regular meds because I had to take the pills from their pharmacy. I don’t know what the bullshit was for that - my medications can range from $20 to $600.

Regardless, I had to go back to more doctors to do something. In the middle of last week, I went back to Dr. Joe, who was the one who sent me to the ER. I told him about my experience and said that I needed something else. Telling me to get my blood pressure down wasn’t happening at the hospital. If I needed pills, I’d need to get them from him. Let me know which ones to buy if I am just required to take vitamins. I don’t need a $12, 000 visit to a place that ‘monitors’ me and hands me a $30 baby aspirin.

Well, I guess I have to set up more appointments: Cardiologist, Neural Ophthalmologist, and a second follow-up with Dr. Joe. If nobody gives me answers, I’m going to be seriously depressed. I have a feeling that ultimately, this boils down to the vaccine (yeah, that vaccine) increasing my risk of strokes. There is no silver lining. I didn’t get a real stroke, but mini-strokes are still no joke.