Getting Back to the Swing of Things

Table of Contents

The Swing

Rather than complain about my eyes more, I’d like to get into more about things. So, I’ve updated the main box to Windows 11, which has some subtle changes, but hopefully this should fix the crashiness of my MTG: A games. So far, it has been pretty rock-solid, but the XBox app still crashes whenever I hover over some elements in the UI. Then again, I don’t really use it - all I have it for is PSO2 and I haven’t even played it on my desktop. I have a few games that are gathering dust on my HD, but it is one of those things in the “I’ll play it later.”

Mostly, it has been about Reaper code. I’ve made a fun little script that will create a template project for just me: It creates the tracks, music parts (Chorus, Verse, Bridge, etc.), add plugins to the FX chains, and then creates the individual MIDI items in each track. Then for a track, it will use a graph structure to populate the notes. That bit is a bit wonky for the moment because it only does notes in CMaj. and doesn’t transpose them. Ideally, I’d like to use either the Captain Chords to generate a random chord progression and then transpose what is there - but Captain Melody has a MIDI import button and doesn’t care what was dumped into the track. I’m sure there is some OSC command to send, but it is out of my bailiwick/reach for now.

The Swing at Work

Our team has grown considerably and my concern is that it may have grown a bit too much. The main focus has been on the UI to get it fixed/modernized and my backend API stuff has people sticking their thumbs in it. I have to be able to play nice, which means I need to chop it up a bit. There is a 5000 line file that needs to make class/function calls outside of it. Modularization is a neccessity now. It doesn’t handle the formConfig rules in a way that Nawaz wants it to, but it is seriously a pain when trying to use rules that are not overlayed onto layout logic.

API progess; TLDR: No

I’ve wanted to work on a character API for the Tinhalo site that lets people create characters using a mish-mash of RealmWorks-style ontological data and the Angela Ackerman/Nancy Puglisi positive and negative traits, but I’m stuck at the Angular portion. The issue is that Angular use the curly brace stuff for logic, but I want to use SVG and putting the curly braces messes up my ability to view it properly in InkScape. As in, showing just a number (6) but having to reference the number from {{ character.stats.strength.current }} makes it look stupid.

It’s almost as if I need some script to do a replace innerText with something based off an alternate attribute. I need to write it, but seriously have to be consistent - which, if there are months between it, I ended up scrapping what I used to do with a neat new way of doing it.


Game Day

Also, today is game day, which means I get to spend time with friends and roll some dice. Two guys are going to be out, so we’ll see how a smaller crew is going to run. Normally, this is when George gets to kill off a character and justify that it is wholly within the rules. I also have terrible luck with dice, so likely it’ll be mine. :(

Glowforge and 3D printer

I’m pretty excited about this. It’s going to be a bunch of heavy lifting and setup, but I’m going to rope my sister in to help out. I’ve found out a pretty good website for getting miniatures, just need to spend $50 or so dollars to sponsor the Tribes to get access. Down the road, I want to get some stuff custom modeled by a professional, but looking at $200+ to get a really good single model. But, conversely, if the character gets into a game that dies after three sessions, it feels like a total waste.