Last Day of Thanksgiving Week

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Happy post-Thanksgiving

What a week

Post-meal happiness

I’m not a huge fan of turkey, but man, do I love stuffing. I’m sure if I had it every day, it wouldn’t be that great of a staple, but in its rarity - I enjoy it—mash potatoes, fruit salad, also good. Let’s not forget the pumpkin pie! I would like to point out at least that I am thankful for having a family. It is getting more and more difficult each year to see Dad, though. His memory is not what it was. As I’ve said before, deteriorating memory is one of my most existential fears. One of those nightmares where you question if you’re currently living in your time or simply vividly remembering it.


Yeah, vision is still f’cked. WIll need to schedule an appointment on Monday - though I don’t even know where to start.