Merry Xmas

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Merry Christmas Y’all

We’re nearly done with the year, and it’s been an interesting one - as I am sure everyone else is aware. I think I am fully recovered from the DisneyWorld trip and have so much to say about it. Though, I brought back something with me as a final eff-you in the form of a virus. I am fairly sure it is a cold since it feels like one that isn’t the coof. It all started with the flight where I was a bit scared about having varicose veins… the whole thing about having a stroke was definitely in the back of my mind. It is possible that bumped up my blood pressure, which in turn potentially upped my vision problems.

See, apparently, having a high blood pressure can give you double vision. Which has been happening for the week before. Which also means, I gotta start scheduling more doctor’s appointments. Joy. As if I had enough worries about missing work and the perception that I am slacking. It was the absolute worst when I went from the plane to the baggage claim section. I had managed to find it after about 30 minutes, but then couldn’t see anything for about 2 minutes. Literally had to take a moment to breathe and calm down.

So, we nearly get out of the airport and need to go pickup a rental vehicle. This will be the first and only time I see it, because the rest of the time, I will be taking Lyft. Which is really great, as an aside. However, when Tim went to back it out of its parking space, there was a bump sound and the van stopped. Nobody noticed from the guard booth. I had hoped at the least to hear the eyes audibly rolling. Ah well, after a stop at Walmart for cheap sodas to last the week, I made it to my hotel and room.

Which was nice. It wasn’t tiny, the lights and water worked. The towels were good. I didn’t need a fancy room, all I would do was sleep in it.

After I unpacked a bit, we all went to Magic Kingdom… which is far more walking around than I had ever expected to be. We were there til about 1 AM, and even then, I knew my feet were going to hate me the entire week. Swollen, battered, smooshed, hurty feet. I hate to say it, Tim and Misti went through so much effort, money, and frustration getting everyone to go along, but my feet hurt so badly. There were so many rides I wanted to go see, but then there was part 2 of the problem.

So. Many. People.

Tim had told me, “this is unusual, this shouldn’t be happening”

Every year, for 13 years, he picked that particular week because there was 1/10th the number of people that were there that week. It made lines borderline unbearable. I had to miss out on the newest, most awesome rides, simply because that 10x number of people were willing to wait 4 hours to get on the Rise of the Rebellion ride. Or the Avatar ride. At least I got to go on the rides that I had loved in the past: Haunted Mansion, Spaceship: Earth, Peter Pan, and others.

Anyhow, probably will be doing a part two, for the end of the year.