Vision Problems

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This is getting old

… and I’m not excited about it.

Dry Eyes

A while ago, I had gotten Lasik surgery. I was super excited about not having to wear glasses anymore and was hitting the limit on my age. Once I have my mid-40s, it wouldn’t be an option anymore. The big thing that they warned me about was the potential of getting dry eyes. My thought was that it wasn’t near my tear ducts; it shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know what happened, but either they are getting blocked due to stuff getting in them, or my eyes aren’t closing properly. I know Dad has started doing that, but, weirdly, I’d pick that up so late in life.

Waking up with pain

In the last week, despite having picked up some nighttime eye gel, my eyes have been hurting in the morning, and then I get double-vision for the rest of the day. Generally, I interpret that I tore my cornea. Scary, though, that it happens regularly. Like most people, vision is crucial to me. If I started getting an irregular or scarred cornea - that means more surgery or something more drastic is looming in the future. I don’t even know if there is an acceptable answer to that.

Please, god, don’t let me go blind.