Getting Back to the Swing of Things

The Swing Rather than complain about my eyes more, I’d like to get into more about things. So, I’ve updated the main box to Windows 11, which has some subtle changes, but hopefully this should fix the crashiness of my MTG: A games. So far, it has been pretty rock-solid, but the XBox app still crashes whenever I hover over some elements in the UI. Then again, I don’t really use it - all I have it for is PSO2 and I haven’t even played it on my desktop.

Eye Problems

Double vision and other fun things So, I went to an ophthalmologist around the middle of last week. They ran many tests, had me follow a pen or a finger with my eyes, and put some drops in. Then came the bad news, I had nerve damage controlling my eyes, and it was because I had a few mini-strokes. Again, they told me to go to the ER, which I had done the last week of December.

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas Y’all We’re nearly done with the year, and it’s been an interesting one - as I am sure everyone else is aware. I think I am fully recovered from the DisneyWorld trip and have so much to say about it. Though, I brought back something with me as a final eff-you in the form of a virus. I am fairly sure it is a cold since it feels like one that isn’t the coof.

On Property vs Lives

Lives are more important than property Answer: that depends I’ve been seeing this argument bandied about in the last few months regarding BLM, Kyle Rittenhouse, and the “protests” (riots) that have been happening in well over six years. Frankly, I’m dumbfounded that this is even a thing. People spend 40 hours of their life a week doing something for someone else, exchanging labor for compensation. Twice of those weeks, they get a paycheck that has people sticking their fingers in it to get their slice.

Last Day of Thanksgiving Week

Happy post-Thanksgiving What a week Post-meal happiness I’m not a huge fan of turkey, but man, do I love stuffing. I’m sure if I had it every day, it wouldn’t be that great of a staple, but in its rarity - I enjoy it—mash potatoes, fruit salad, also good. Let’s not forget the pumpkin pie! I would like to point out at least that I am thankful for having a family.

Vision Problems

This is getting old … and I’m not excited about it. Dry Eyes A while ago, I had gotten Lasik surgery. I was super excited about not having to wear glasses anymore and was hitting the limit on my age. Once I have my mid-40s, it wouldn’t be an option anymore. The big thing that they warned me about was the potential of getting dry eyes. My thought was that it wasn’t near my tear ducts; it shouldn’t be an issue.

What a Scary Week

Something pretty scary happened The stroke scare of 2021 So, my buddy I’ve known for the last 30+ years had an aneurysm, and I had to take him to the hospital. There’s been one other time I had been around someone who had a stroke was his dad. It’s a scary thing to see someone who is there, they are aware of what is going on, but they can’t communicate, they’re getting confused at why, and everybody is rushing around like mad.

My Projects

Some project breakdowns Rune’s Law Innovations My buddies and I have been working on a gaming book for a while, so this would be the site for it. I think the goal is to eventually turn this into a side hustle for some extra money, but it won’t be something you can live off of. Tinhalo My personal site. A place for blogs and other musings. It hasn’t been getting much love because of the RLI site above.

My First Post

Hi So I know what you’re thinking, this is another doo-dah project that I’m starting up. I have many things that I’m working on, and sometimes it is too hard to keep up. Between work, tabletop games every other week, little vacation time, home obligations, learning new stuff, watching YouTube videos, plus the basics like eating and sleeping - I sometimes feel overwhelmed by life. It’s not always stress and doom, don’t get me wrong.

Drowning in UAT

I tell ya, man, nothing is worse than the crush of UAT. Tons of stuff to get it to where users can use it, and all the nervousness of having them pick apart something you’ve been sweating about 80 hours+ a week. Then it all topples like a house of cards when they use it the way they intended it - despite what you’ve been told in the design phase of the project.